School Of Engineering

Insight School of Engineering focuses on creating technically skilled, productive and sought after professionals. School leavers lacking strong fundamentals in mathematics and science are encouraged to follow our foundation courses in order to obtain eligibility for various programmes recognized by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka (TVEC) as well as the City & Guilds of London which we conduct in-house.

Our progammes are accredited by TVEC and oriented towards providing youth with the ability to excel in the field of technology. Our
training is blended with hands on learning which is an ideal environment for creating highly skilled professionals.

Insight opens its doors for students who wish to pursue careers in the field of engineering, enabling them to obtain globally
recognized qualifications through City & Guilds of London.

Insight Institute provides vocational courses in three different locations in Sri Lanka such as Colombo Centre for Technical
Training (CCTT), Mawanella Centre for Technical Training (MCTT) and Puttlam Centre for Technical Training (PCTT). 

NVQ programs accredited with TVEC

1) Automobile Mechanic

2) Automobile Electrician

3) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic

4) Electrician (Domestic / Industrial)

5) Construction Site Supervisor

6) CAD & Construction studies