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The school of education provides opportunities for capacity building of teachers in both government and private schools. It also provides opportunities to youth to choose a career in teaching especially in the Private International Schools and the Early Childhood Centres.

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood is the most important period in human life. It is the period when a strong foundation is laid to develop a child into a great human personality.

Although proper qualifications and training was a requirement to join the government teaching service, until recently, no such requirement was required in pre-school teaching. However, in the new government education proposals pre-school education is included. Therefore, in future, there is a possibility of imposing a condition that only a qualified person can conduct pre-school teaching.

In view of this possibility, the School of Education has set up the Centre for Early Childhood Education and Development in a custom made building in Mawanella.

The school has professionally qualified and experienced faculty. The main focus of the School of education is to produce professionally trained pre-school teachers, providing further training for pre-school teachers, and primary school teachers. The school conducts many long term and short term courses and

It conducts a one year residential programme leading to the National Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development which is approved  by the Child Secretariat of the Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs.

English Language for Career Development (ELCD)

English, being the gateway to the world, the international common tongue and the top language of internet and press, has become important in the life of everyone. It makes many effects in the life style of people. People become smarter and find many openings for better career.

In Sri Lanka and elsewhere, most of the University courses are conducted in English Medium. Many students specially the girls are finding it difficult to cope up with English Language learning. In order to develop their English Language skills, only a handful of girls visit the nearby language learning centres, and the most girls are not in a position to travel daily to the nearby towns/professional language centres to learn English.

There is a big demand for higher paying jobs to which people well versed in English are needed. Furthermore, the education of those who enter the universities also end up with their first degrees, except a very handful who continue their education up to Masters or Doctoral level.

A three-month residential comprehensive immersion course in English coupled with some soft skills like problem solving, critical thinking and leadership is proposed to cater to the categories of girls mentioned above. The main goal of this programme is to enhance the English Language Skills for perform better in University studies and their work environment.

Hence, we started this ELCD programme in Kurunegale that is an easy access geographical location for the students from North West, Wayamba and Eastern region. Further, the Sahabdeen Trust Foundation that has a very well equipped physical infrastructure in ten (10) acres of land, was established to cater the need of Women Empowerment.

The curriculum has been developed by a team of experts focusing on all 4 components of the language. viz. Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. However developing speaking skills will be more emphasized. Soft skills is given through activities to relevant to the tasks.

So far, we have successfully conducted two batches of ELCD courses.