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At the helm of the Institute stands a Council composed of esteemed academics and seasoned professionals. Our unwavering commitment lies in forging pathways for the underprivileged youth, enabling them to breathe life into their educational aspirations post schooling.

Imbued with purpose, our programs are meticulously curated to mold graduates into motivated individuals armed with skills that seamlessly resonate with the evolving needs of 21st-century employers.

In the tapestry of education, we weave opportunities for our graduates to not only amass knowledge and skills but also to immerse themselves in invaluable experiential learning.

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About insight

What do we stand for?


Our mission is to serve as a hub of excellence, offering accessible education and training services enhanced by pertinent research and sustainable development at the utmost caliber, all aimed at empowering society.


“Our mission is to be a centre of excellence providing affordable education, and training services supported by relevant research and sustainable development at the highest level to empower the society”


CEO's Message

Insight Institute of Management and Technology is a not-for-profit social initiative dedicated to empowering people through education. Capacity building of people of all categories is one such effort.

Today the world is in economic turmoil, with not only businesses but countries as a whole going bankrupt. Changes are taking place in many areas faster than ever before. In short, the world is going through an economic tsunami.

It is in this turmoil that Insight has looked inwards into the society and found several gaps in the educational system. In Sri Lanka the poor employability of school leavers and graduates is a great burden to the country. Frustration is high among youth as they cannot unleash their potential. The corporate sector is finding it difficult to recruit people to suit their requirements: this is in a country which has the highest adult literacy rate in the region!

Insight therefore has developed unique programmes to reduce this gap. Not only the Vocational School , but every other section, whether it is the School of Primary and Early Childhood Education  or  the School of Social Sciences, a large number of professionals in each field have developed unique study programmes, often combined with hands on experience.

We are sharing experiences with several local and foreign academic institutions and universities, in order to keep our study programmes current and up to date. Our strength is the commitment of our staff and the trust of our students, but we do not compete using this strength.

We complement existing initiatives and are ever ready to explore areas in education where others fear to tread.

AWM. Zuhree
Chief Executive Officer
Insight Institute of Management and Technology

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Uncertain about your future aspirations?

We create graduates who are driven and equipped with the skills demanded by 21st-century employers.

We provide our graduates with opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience.

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Build the world of tomorrow with our hands-on engineering curriculum, and expert faculty shaping aspiring engineers

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Enter to the world of business with our comprehensive programs and expert faculty guiding you towards success.

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Inspire minds and shape futures with our empowering education programs.

School of IT

Embrace the future of technology and innovation through hands-on learning and cutting-edge courses.

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We have 2000+ students from various disciplines as vocational programmes and Education programmes. 1000+ Business Entrepreneurs being trained through programmes in School of Business.

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